About Reprobable

Reprobable has nothing to hide, in fact, it’s all about expressing yourself, letting all that emotion and joy out of your body and into the world. R. wants to show you that even through clothes you can do that. In fact, all these collections we present to the public are lessons—lessons from my own life experience. Lessons for easy happiness. Lessons I want to share with you.

It’s all about learning how to let go of negativity, drama or fakeness, and start embracing simplicity, embracing yourself, because you are special and R. knows that, so I will show you my own perspective on life through each and every line of clothing.

This class has no rules, but if you stay tuned and keep your eyes on us, darling, you might just be surprised.

“How did this business idea and the name Reprobable come up?”

We have always used to say that Reprobable means true freedom. We see all kind of trendy people around us, but we don’t really see people who put their personality in their outfits, don’t you agree?

Doesn’t it happen to you to notice people who do not wear their inner-selves with pride, people who would rather create this public image which actually hides a sad ego full of vanity?

What do these people do?! They develop several personalities and by doing this they hide their own. How does this happen? The lack of self-confidence or because of the desire to impress others, not themselves, no matter what.

Clothes though, if they suit you so well, that’s it. They tell a story about who you are, not about who you want to be. You are the one you dress. Period. So that’s why Reprobable.

“How does Reprobable shine through?”

It has the soul of a child. It might ask simple questions, but at the same time give a complex answer.

Reprobable is approachable, credible, clean, honest and free. I should have started with that actually. With the fact that R. loves Freedom. Irremediable. That’s why it will never take it away from you, and that’s why it breaks all boundries and it encourages you to develep a personal signature in order to have your own style.

“To whom we address? Who are the people who would wear these clothes and what kind of vibe do these clothes bring to our looks?”

We address to real people. They are our target.

Those people with a smile in their eyes, and not to those who practice happiness in a mirror, transforming it in a fake photogenic smile. To those people that catch attention with their personality and not with an ego ultra-branded with vanity.

“Why should we wear this? What kind of textile does Reprobable use?”

I would say each product it’s unique, special and a little bohemian.

Parisian, how you so well call it, would be as well a great attribute for R. Anyway, I wouldn’t actually dare to put -must- as a sine qua non imperative for Reprobable.

I would only say that I know for sure you would love wearing our clothes. You tell me, who doesn’t love comfort? Who wouldn’t rather wear clothes with attitude instead of a boring one, probably even faked after one of Kim Kardashian’s latest appearances?

We are a little avant-garde, I would say. Always one step ahead of the trend, without being any less carefully involved in any trends of the moment.

“How the clothes you wear change what people hear you say?”

If you want people to listen to you, there’s an important lesson here—dress the message.

The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself will change the way other people hear what you say. It will subconsciously tell them if you’re like them or if you’re different. It will determine whether they listen or ignore. Trust or distrust.

This is my believes.
This is the story. My story.

With love,