Adina Banea : Reprobable has the soul of a child. It might ask simple questions, but at the same time give a complex answer.



Also, R. is approachable, credible, clean, honest and...free. I should have started with that, actually.

With the fact that we love FREEDOM.

Irremediable. I really think that without love I could never exist, I think that understood how important is to know exactly who you really are, and love after- your face, your smile, your goodness, the whole person who really are here, inside to outside.


This is the key of happiness. That's why every collection of Reprobable speaks about something just learnt today, every new collection repesent a new Lesson of Life. Its life.



But yours too. If you want to be happy, listen your needs, listen the truth about you and love it always.

Every part of you is beautiful, you are amazing if you will look in your mirror from the right corner.

And the very best corner of your face, will be always yours love and yours truth.

That's the story.

This is Reprobable's story, too . Because we are one.


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