I am a Reprobable
Who are you?

Who is R.?

Reprobable is a romanian independent brand, a home for the cool, minimalistic designs;you know what I mean... that place you’ll never stop buying from!

You might think that I am just another fish in the sea, but no-no, R. is one of a kind

Our aesthetic is clean, classic, but far away from boring, since each garment has its own edge

In our shop you’ll find good-quality clothes: impeccable tailoring, soft, natural fabrics along with the cool vibe we provide for a high-class style that suits any modern lady and any handsome gentleman.

We make clothes to dress not only the body, but also the soul.

Each and every collection has it’s own spirit and it’s own lesson for the person interested in it.

What do I teach you?

Oh, dear, it’s so easy! To be yourself!

Dare to have some personality in the way you dress.

That is what I want.




This is me!




1. Nowadays there are a lot of cool projects regarding urban fashion in Romania. Please tell me, how does Reprobable shine through?

It has the soul of a child. It might ask simple questions, but at the same time give a complex answer. Also, Reprobable is approachable, credible, clean, honest and...free. I should have started with that actually. With the fact that R. loves FREEDOM. Irremediable. That’s why it will never take it away from you, and that’s why it breaks all boundries and it encourages you to develep a personal signature in order to have your own fashion style.

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